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Feeling Hot Tub

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Innova Spa

Feeling Hot Tub


The layout of the Feeling follows a traditional pattern with added versatility. You can relax in either of the two opposing lounge chairs or you can stretch your legs out and lay back in the full length lounge chair. The lounge chair also enables you to swing your legs around, sit up and enjoy a family conversation. The Feeling also contains a step in / cool down seat for easier and safer entering and exiting to and from the spa. This step also doubles as a cool down seat. If total emersion in the water makes you feel a bit overheated, sit on the cool down seat and enjoy the hot water comfort under your terms.





350 dry

Seat Capacity

4-5 people

Seat Type

1 bed/Lounge


24 stainless jets


275 Gallons




Midnight Gray


Plug and Play




Just 3 Easy Steps

When you purchase an InnovaSpa, there is no need for pre-delivery preparation, no need for site preparation, and no need for an electrician. Just placefill and plug. Simply put, installation is hassle-free.


InnovaSpa spas are made in Drummondville, Quebec in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. They are rotationally-molded from virgin polyethylene using a computer-controlled process that ensures the uniform thickness of the spa walls and the integrity of the structural support. Your spa will be extremely rigid, and it will last virtually forever.

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