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Carson Billiard Pool table

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American Heritage


Carson Billiard Pool table


The Carson pool table from American Heritage is a simple design that has clean lines and tapered legs. The accent carvings in the cabinet and legs give the table a furniture look without appearing too ornate. All American Heritage pool tables are crafted with four main aspects in mind. Quality, performance, design and value. With the wood characteristics of maple, it allows the dark amber finish to create a rich tone while providing superior strength and durability. The 1" slate gives the table the necessary weight for optimal performance, while the K66 super speed cushions provide accurate ball deflection and response. If you are looking for a pool table that will bring years of family fun by a brand that stands behind their product, look no further than the Carson.

Construction Features: 

  •  Maple veneer hardwood construction with a Dark Amber finish
  •  Cabinet corner is produced using 2" solid wood blocks that are attached to the  cabinet using mortise and tenon construction principles
  •  Two cross members and two center beams are utilized to ensure the cabinet  stays square and true forever. These cross-laminated beams interlock   together  which prevents warping and twisting
  •  1", three-piece slate
  •  21 oz. Perma Guard stain-resistant billiard cloth with Teflon
  •  Oak veneer, decorative hardwood rails with "bolt" style sites.
  •  Brown fringe pockets
  •  Constructed to exceed BCA Tournament specifications


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