Harmony Direct Vent Gas Insert-Display Special

Harmony Direct Vent Gas Insert-Display Special

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Harmony Direct Vent Gas Insert




Actual size: 29"W x 20"H x 16"D (737 mm x 508 mm x 406 mm) Viewing area: 26 1/4"W x 16 1/8"H, 409 in.2 (667 mm x 411 mm), 2638 cm2


Direct vent gas insert with louverless flush face and sleek, contemporary styling

Black porcelain liner panels

Stone and fire-glass kit

Natural Blaze burner that produces beautiful yellow flames with strikingly realistic movement

Total Signature Command with hand held touch screen remote control (TSFSC) and A/C module (SCSACM)

Dual blower (160 cfm) total signature command Features

A/C control with automatic battery back-up for operation during power failures

Electronic ignition saves money and energy

Optional cold climate pilot setting keeps flue warm, prevents condensation on door glass and keeps cold air from entering the home through the chimney

Hi/Lo 3-step flame adjustment to run unit at your desired level of comfort

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