Rosemont Power Recliner

Rosemont Power Recliner

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Rosemont Power Recliner


Crafted with LeathAire, a 100% synthetic leather alternative, the Rosemont allows you to achieve a sleek look in your living room or home theater without ever having to sacrifice comfort, quality, or durability. Deep seating and pad-over-chaise power recliners, this sectional will make it so you'll never want to leave your living room or home theater!



  • Sturdy construction techniques produce steel bases that are 1.5x thicker than leading competitors, so that the frame should not bend over time.
  • Frames are fully encased in foam (density 2.0) and have solid sides and backs, to give your sofa a longer life and style.
  • Steel sinular springs are used for the seating area every six inches on center.



  • Breathable, adapts to body temperature
  • Heavyweight - 1.6 mm thick
  • Jumbo pebble grain texture
  • High durability specifications
  • Super soft and drapable




Founded in 1992, Man Wah Holdings Limited is the world’s largest manufacturer of motion sofas with headquarters in Hong Kong, the Group has a presence in all of the major markets and cities of the world, including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Australasia, China and Singapore. Cheers’ specializes in comfortable stylish and affordable recliner sofas, corner groups, and chairs. A unique brand because they make their own foam and metal reclining frame.

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