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Spa Perfect 1L water treatment

Spa Perfect 1L water treatment

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Natural Chemistry

Quick Look

Appearance Cloudy
Brand Natural Chemistry Chemicals
Compatible With All Sanitizers and Sanitizing Systems
Container Size 1 ltr
Dosage 1 oz per 100 gal (Weekly)
Odour Citrus
Parts Per Million 6 ppm (Chlorine/Sanitizers)
pH Level 8 to 9
Physical State Liquid
Type Pool Clarifier

Spa Perfect 1L water treatment


Spa Perfect is specifically formulated for hot water temperatures and is a patented natural enzyme and botanical extract formula that powerfully, yet gently biodegrades body oils, cosmetics, suntan oils, and other non-living organics. No more waterline rings, clogged filters or cloudy smelly water. Spa Perfect is also a continuous cartridge filter cleaner. Since oils and non-living organics don't build up, soaking with nasty chemicals and acids is rarely required


Why use Spa Perfect Enzymes?


Your spa/hot tub water is constantly absorbing organic material from its environment. Spas/ hot tubs make this problem worse due to the smaller body of water and much higher water temperatures. What kind of organic material, you ask?


Organic contaminants such as:


  • Body oils, sweat, (urine&blech!)
  • Cosmetics & hair care products
  • Suntan & sunscreen lotions
  • Soaps & deodorant
  • Scented spa oil products
  • ...and the list goes on.


These organic contaminants build-up in your spa/hot tub water. This is where Spa Perfect enzymes shine. Natural enzymes, like those found in your own body, are designed by nature to break down or biodegrade organics. The enzymes in Spa Perfect literally break down organic waste to basic elements like carbon dioxide and water, that are then easily absorbed by the spa/hot tub environment.


The result?


  • Eliminates strong chemical odors
  • Eliminates skin & eye irritation
  • No scum line
  • Dramatically less filter cleaning
  • Reduced spa maintenance
  • Makes water feel soft & silky


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