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Aqua Smarte Plus Spring Start-up Value Pack

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Aqua Smarte

Aqua Smarte Plus Spring Start-up Value Pack


Experience the difference of Aqua Smarte Plus!


(Use Aqua Smarte Plus products with your Aqua Smarte Delivery System* or the new Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station)

The Aqua Smarte Plus Chlorine System is on constant watch, dispensing low levels of chlorine to control bacteria and provide sanitizing protection for your pool. Once you've determined the correct setting for your pool just set it, then forget it!

For a limited time only Buy the Aqua Smarte Plus Value Pack and receive the Pool Awake Convenience Kit at no additional charge!  The pack includes:


- 6 MizerMax Pacs:  Destroy bacteria continually for weeks with the MizerMax Pac. Sits inside the Aqua Smarte Mineral Activator.  For use with the Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station or the Aqua Smarte Delivery System.


- 1 Mineral Activator: Fits inside the Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station, and contains minerals the help to control bacteria.  (Replace the Mineral Activator every  season- do not use more than 6 consecutive months).


- BONUS: 1 Pool Awake! Convenience Kit:  Aqua Smarte Plus' patented system to help you with Spring Start-up!  Includes all of these-


  • Aqua Smarte Plus Shine- (INCLUDED!) Removes Contaminates to keep water crystal clear
  • Aqua Smarte Plus Optimize- (INCLUDED!) Helps set initial chlorine level
  • Aqua Smarte Plus Cannonball!- (INCLUDED!) Prevents algae with a 90 day protection guarantee!


*The new Aqua Smarte Plus products will fit the older Aqua Smarte Delivery System.


Why King Technology?


King Technology specializes in water treatment solutions for swimming pools and spas; with products sold throughout the U.S., Europe, and every continent of the world. We know you purchased your pool or spa to enjoy  great leisure activity with family and friends. That's why King Technology products are designed to do the work for you so you can sit or lay back and enjoy.

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