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Clarifier for pool Water

Clarifier for pool Water

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Brand Swimway
Compatible With Swimming Pool Water
Dosage 8 oz per 10,000 gal (Maintenance), 32 oz per 10,000 gal (Initial Treatment)
Type Water Clarifier

Clarifier for pool Water 


Pool Water Clarifier is a formulary polymeric flocculent designed to coagulate and floc suspended solids from swimming pool water. The solids will be filtered out of the pool and/or collect on the bottom for removal by the vacuum.

Swimway Pool Water Clarifier clears and brightens cloudy water by coagulating suspended dirt particles and organic compounds into filterable sizes.


• Fast acting - works in as little as 3 hrs
• Effective over a wide range of water qualities(pH, alkalinity, etc)
• Compatible with other pool chemicals
• Improves filter efficiency
• Swim immediately after treatment

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