Hot Tub 101


Basic Start Up & Maintenance

Start up and Refilling:

  • Make sure drain plugs or caps are installed
  • Fill tub through the filter compartment to proper level. Hot Spring Spas, fill through filter with gray cap.
  • Connect power once spa is completely filled.
  • Turn on jets, pour 4oz. Of Stain and Scale Preventer around the spa.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of Granular Spa Chlorine. Let jets run for 10 minutes.

After Each Use:

  • Add 1tsp. Granular Spa Chlorine (per couple) after each use. Turn jets on high and run for 10 minutes.


  • Use 4 Tablespoons of Spa Oxidizing Shock 1-2x's a week depending on usage to eliminate soaps/oils.
  • Use 4oz. Stain and Scale Preventer to prevent calcium build up.
  • Check Alkalinity and pH once a week using test strips. Add 1-2tsp. Alkalinity increaser to raise levels as needed


  • Take out filters and hose off top to bottom. Rotate. (or more often depending on usage)
  • Use Cover Shield Vinyl cleaner and protectant on spa cover
  • Every 3-4 months drain and refill spa
  • Use Filter Cleaner every 6 months for filters.

Basic Things to know - Water Chemistry is Key!

  • If temperatures are below freezing and you are trying to fill the tub you can run the risk of freezing pipes/tubing. It is best to wait for warmer temperatures to drain/fill your hot tub.
  • If alkalinity and pH are off, chlorine won't be as effective.
  • Ideal range for Alkalinity is 80 – 120 ppm
  • Ideal range for pH is 7.2 – 7.6
  • By using the tub you lower the Alkalinity levels
  • Low pH can corrode metals faster and consume chlorine
  • High pH chlorine will be ineffective
  • Low Alkalinity will fluctuate the pH and can cause skin/eye irritation
  • High Alkalinity will make it difficult to adjust pH and cause cloudy water
  • Chlorine kills bacteria in the water (don't worry about always maintaining a chlorine level)
  • Shock helps the filters by breaking down soaps and oils

Basic maintenance can vary based on what system you have for your hot tub. Salt water hot tubs will operate differently but the basics of water chemistry are very similar. Refer to the owner's manual and give us a call for help! 585-342-9787




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