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Pool Safety


Keep Your Eye On Children At All Times:

Competent adult supervision should always be on hand. Adults should be watchful at all times even when children are not swimming.

Display All Signs and Stickers:

Warning signs should always be displayed. Always enter the pool feet first! Be aware of the depth of the pool before getting in.

It’s Always Safety First:

When entering a pool, proceed with caution. Always enter FEET FIRST! Make sure alarms, ladders and steps are properly installed. They should be checked regularly to ensure they are working and in good condition.

Don't Impair your judgement:

Swimming and being around the pool is always a fun time. Alcohol/drugs that can impair judgement and slow down your reaction time should be avoided.


Install fencing around the pool area to prevent unauthorized and unsupervised people from entering the pool area. It is required by town codes for inground pools, and may be for certain situations for above grounds. Consult your local town/city for building and safety regulations for a swimming pool. 



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