Solar Covers oval 14.5mil Clear

Solar Covers oval 14.5mil Clear

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Solar Covers oval 14.5mil Clear


Aquacover Heating Blanket with Thermotex®

Thermotex technology maximizes the heating blanket's ability to absorb thermal energy and maintain it. Superior light diffusion properties enhance the sun's solar rays. The result is a warmer pool, energy conservation and lower operating costs. By minimizing convective heat loss, the blanket is also effective in keeping indoor pools warmer.


  • Enjoy warmer water in season ... 10-15 degrees warmer and extends your swimming season
  • Save money
  • Cuts heating costs by 70% or more
  • Cuts water evaporation by up to 95%
  • Save on chemicals and energy
  • Keeps pool cleaner
  • Durable and reliable: 8' panels means fewer seams and fewer problems
  • Low-density polyethylene made from Dow prime resins that are very durable
  • Blanket lays flatter and looks better
  • Ultra lightweight and easy to handle
  • Clearer blanket - higher transmissive material results in better heating



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