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Aqua Smarte MizerMax 2.4lb Bac Pac

Aqua Smarte MizerMax 2.4lb Bac Pac

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Aqua Smarte

Quick Look

Appearance White Granules/Tablet-Formed
Brand Aqua Smarte
Chemical Name Trichloro-s-Triazinetrione
Compatible With Aqua Smarte Plus System
Container Size 2.4 lb
Odour Chlorine Like Bleach
pH Level 2.7 to 2.9 (1% Solution)
Physical State Solid
Type Sanitizer

Aqua Smarte MizerMax 2.4lb Bac Pac


Works with the new Aqua Smarte Plus system, and the original Aqua Smarte system!


The minimum order quantity for this item is 6.


The Aqua Smarte Chlorine System is on constant watch, dispensing low levels of chlorine to control bacteria and provide sanitizing protection for your pool. Once you've determined the correct setting for your pool just set it, then forget it!


There are two parts to the Aqua Smarte Plus Chlorine System:


  • The Aqua Smarte Cycler acts as the "water treatment center," controlling the flow of water through the system.
  • The pre-filled Cycler Pac fits into the Cycler with no measuring, no lifting heavy buckets and no over-powering chlorine fumes.


Aqua Smarte Features:

  • Convenience: the pre-filled Cycler Pac means no more touching or smelling chlorine.
  • Precision: The control dial precisely meters out just the right amount of sanitation for each pool.
  • Longer Lasting: trapped air in the upper part of the Cycler Pac keeps the chemical dry so it lasts longer with less consumed each season.
  • Reliability: Water cycles through only a small amount of chemical for more uniform and reliable output.

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