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Embrace Hot Tub Spa

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Fantasy Spas


The unique shape of the Embrace™ makes it the perfect complement to any backyard and features two ergonomic seats and a cool down area. With dedicated foot and wrist jets, the Embrace™ is the perfect place to unwind. The Therapy Seat is designed to relieve muscle tension and stress with a deep tissue massage targeting pressure points in the neck and shoulder. The Embrace™ from Fantasy Spas is manufactured to be portable, durable and affordable. State of the art technology is used to create a one-piece totally portable and carefree spa for a fraction of the cost of most hot tubs. The Embrace™ Spa is resistant to all weather types and plugs into your standard wall outlet.



 GFCI Cord


Fantasy spas are ready to "plug and play" as soon as you receive them. With the GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) built right into the cord, it's a snap to plug your new Fantasy spa into a standard 115v outlet. This is one of the greatest features on the Fantasy spas, because you don't need any special electrical work done to use your new spa. Just plug it in, and enjoy!

Insulated Cover with Locking Clips

With the included locking cover, your spa is complete! This thermal insulating cover not only protects your water from outside dust and debris, but also holds in the heat to keep your spa as environmentally safe and economically efficient as possible. This fully equipped spa cover is made from the most technologically advanced materials and assembled with the same techniques and ways that high end spa covers use. This spa cover is both beautiful and functional and tops off your spa purchase with everything you need to have a spa in your home at one low price.


Seating Capacity


3 Adults




5'2" x 5'10" x 32"H

5'10" x 5'10" x 31"


Water Capacity


185 gallons




302 lbs. dry


Jet Count




Lighting System


multi-color LED


 Water Feature







Jet Pump 1


Two speed
1.5 HP


Ozone System





Beyond easy setup, a Fantasy Spa is easy to maintain. It's constructed of technologically advanced polymers. The unicast shell is beautiful, but RokSolid™—virtually impervious to the elements.

As the years go by you'll appreciate the low operating costs resulting from Fantasy Spa's intelligent engineering. The walls of each spa are completely filled with polyurethane insulation to provide maximum efficiency and strength.

Also Enjoy Fantasy Spas exclusive dual speed therapy systems. In each unit you can soak while being gently massaged with the lighter speed setting or vigorously messaged on high speed depending on your needs or desire. Additionally all Fantasy Spas are pre-plumbed to accept an after-market ozonation system that can eliminate up to 80% of chemical use. Fantasy spas are available in two exciting colors: Granite and Sahara. Standard equipment also includes a Gray color ATSM registered safety cover with lock down clips adding convenience and safety to your spa experience.

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