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8' Glenwood Billiard table

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8' Glenwood Pool Table


Brunswick pool tables are well-known for their enduring materials and finishes, and the 8' Glenwood is no exception. Made from solid hardwood and fortified with steel gauge fasteners, this timeless pool table includes dovetail cross-supports for extra durability while the 1" slate bed creates an even playing field. The wood's grain, from the side rails to the talon legs, is highlighted by a beautiful matte black-chestnut stain. In addition to its classic arched shape and horizontal routing detail, the Glenwood Collection takes a nod from Greco-Roman style by using sparse ornamentation, chaining, beaded moldings, and large turned posts.,


Make this pool table part of your perfect ultimate home recreation space when you pair it with additional items from our indoor and home rec collections. Options may include, but are not limited to game tables, shuffleboard tables, bars, sofas, sectionals, accessories and more. Plus, we offer the largest inventory and the guaranteed lowest price in the USAAdditional discounts may also be available on this product based on in-store special promotions.




  • Matte black/chestnut finish with talon legs
  • 1" slate covered with Brunswick woolen cloth
  • Pearlized rail
  • Pockets available in fringe or shield
  • Base frames built with solid hardwood and assembled with steel gauge fasteners and bolted construction
  • Utilizes superior dovetailed cross-supports


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About Brunswick Billiards

If you look inside a Brunswick table you’ll see innovation after innovation. Every extra step we take in the building process ensures we achieve superior accuracy and consistency in our tables, so that you can achieve superior accuracy and consistency in your game.

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