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Iron Remover 1qt

Iron Remover 1qt

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Iron Remover 1qt


Iron Remover is a sequestering agent that combines with the metallic impurities and keeping these impurities dissolved and invisible which may produce unsightly stains on pool surfaces and can cause colored cloudy water and annoying residues. Iron Remover was developed to quickly remove iron, copper, maganese and high calcium hardness from pool water, which may cause stains or water discoloration. Iron Remover can help prevent scale from forming and can help to remove fresh scale that has appeared on surfaces. This product is compatible with all sanitizing systems.

Iron Remover inhibits the formation of rusty, brown,black or green water and cloudy precipitates in swimming pool water. Most colored pool water problems and stains are due to the presence of metallic impurities, such as iron, copper and manganese salts. These metals may be present in the water used to fill the pool or may come from the corrosive action of acidic pool water (low pH) on metal pipes, filters,pool heaters and pool equipment. Chlorine and the natural exposure of pool water to air oxidizes dissolved minerals and causes them to precipitate (fall out of solution & become visible) and produce unsightly stains on pool surfaces - causing colored cloudy water & annoying residues.

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