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Chlorine Liquid Pool Chlorine 1 gallon

Chlorine Liquid Pool Chlorine 1 gallon

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Chlorine Liquid Pool Chlorine


$4.99 per Gallon


Keep your pool water clean and safe, with this pool shock. Comes with 4, 1 gallon containers.

  • Ready to use – No mixing is required
  • Less expensive to use than granular
  • No settling on the bottom of the pool which creates stains
  • No scaling – Scaling from granular can lead to excessively high calcium/stabilizer levels which can cause scaling
  • Liquid pool chlorinator is one of the best options to reduce cyanuric acid levels

Carefully pour in your pool while walking around the entire pool to help spread and circulate the chlorine. Ask us with any questions. Chlorine will stain clothes and can burn skin. Be careful when handling.

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