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Spa Shock Non Chlorine 5 lb Spa & Hot Tub

Spa Shock Non Chlorine 5 lb Spa & Hot Tub

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Spa Pure

Quick Look

Brand Haviland
Compatible With Spa Water
Container Size 5 lb
Type Non-Chlorine Shock

Non Chlorine 5 lb Spa & Hot Tub


Over time, spa water can look dull and the chemicals in the water don’t work as well as they should. Use Spa Oxidizing Shock as a fast acting, quick dissolving, non-chlorinated oxidizing treatment.



  • No predissolving necessary.
  • Spa entry can occur shortly after adding it to the water.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Apply to the spa while the water is circulating.
  • Apply three tbs for every 250 gallons directly to the water.
  • Typically add this product weekly or more frequently if the spa is used often.

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