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Pillow Pal

Pillow Pal

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Pillow Pal

Makes installing and centering your winter pool air pillow easy
    Consists of 2 specially designed flexible patches
      Attach one patch to your air pillow, and the other to your winter cover

        Connect them together and slide the integrated pillow and cover on your pool as one unit





          Why The Pool Pillow Pal?


          For us and many other pool owners, the majority of the frustration had to do with the pool pillow and winter cover...trying to tie the pillow to the sides of the pool...it's not centered...the ropes break...can't get the cover over the pillow...nobody there to help...etc. We've all been there, which is how we developed the perfect solution...The Pool Pillow Pal! What does it do and how does it work? It is specially designed to connect and center your pool pillow to the winter cover with ease; no ropes or ties needed, no hassle or frustration either!

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