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Scum Ball Pool & Spa

Scum Ball Pool & Spa

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Scum Ball Pool & Spa


No More Ring Around the Tub!


  • Scumball's specialty patented foam absorbs 43 times its weight in oils and lotions
  • Helps eliminate scum line in pool or spa
  • Prolong filter life and increases time between cleaning
  • Economical and Reusable
  • Comes in a package of two (2)


How it works:


  • Place the Scum-Ball into a clean pool or spa to prevent scum lines and foaming.
  • Absorbs 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions.
  • Simply place the Scum-Ball into your pool or hot tub and let it go to work!
  • When dirty, just clean and reuse!

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