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SNU1940 Two Person Upright Arcade Game

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SNU1940 Upright Arcade Game

Two person upright system that features almost 2,000 classic video games. The list includes greats like the Mortal Kombat's and Street Fighter games to Frogger!


Includes 1,940 Classic Arcade Games!
Upright Cabinet with 26" LCD Color Monitor
Real Arcade Controls Including Joystick, and Buttons
1 or 2 players
Joystick and Buttons Light up!


Some Games Listed Below:


 Super Mario Bros Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tetris
Defender Missile Command Joust
Star Wars (Original) Return of the Jedi Golden Tee I-III
Double Dragon I-III Golden Axe Contra
Altered Beast NBA Jam After Burner
Batman Aliens Vs Predator Captain America
The Punisher X-Men X-Men Vs Streetfighter
Marvel Vs Streetfighter Mortal Kombat I-III WWF Wrestlemania
Tempest Qbert The Goonies
Satan's Hollow The Simpsons The Real Ghostbusters
Smash TV Robocop I & II Rambo III
GI Joe Battle Toads Street Fighter I & II
Ninja Gaiden Top Gun Dungeons & Dragons
High Impact Football Captain America & Avengers Arch Rivals
Blades of Steel Paperboy Marvel Vs. Capcom
Ultimate Mortal Kombat III WWF Superstars POW
Frogger Coors Bowling Rampage



65" Tall
28" Wide
34" Deep



*For Residential Use Only

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