Winter Cover oval our best

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Winter Cover oval our best 


Protect the investment in your Above Ground Pool by safely protecting it during the harsh weather of the winter months. With the Patriot Plus Winter Cover, you'll rest easy knowing that your pool will be protected with our unprecedented 15 year warranty (5 Year FULL Warranty). Winter covers are 4' larger than the size of the pool so that they can go over the pools top rails. It is tied down by a vinyl coated cable and winch that slip through grommets that are positioned around the outer edge of the cover. They also vary in thickness and keep extra dirt debris and water out of the pool as well as flying debris that can damage the liner.

The strongest cover we sell
Provides safety for your pool during the off-season
Protects your investment
Makes Spring clean-up  easier by keeping out damaging dirt & debris
Seals in chemicals
Saves time and money!


4" Skirt
Made in the U.S.A
Reversible Cover
Coated Steel cable
Custom winch
Grommets to anchor cover
Overlap for extra seat protection
14"x14" weave

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